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Because you like stories and I like to tell stories: I'm a word lover. I write first for myself, and that's why what I publish is always authentic. My words always come from the heart, and I hope they could touch yours.

Because we're living at full speed and I'm here to bring you some peace and quiet: Maybe you're a person all the time online, and maybe not. I read a lot of things online and offline about writing, reading, life, love, relationships and the evolution of the world. I could tell you about them so that you can take care of yourself without worrying too much about missing something. I'm online so you don't have to be.

Because you want to share with me: Today I’m lucky enough to be able to share daily with fascinating and passionate writers as an editor-in-chief of my publication on Medium. I like more than anything to know the people I can talk to. So I’m hoping this space can be somewhere that I can actually do that.

Because you want words to be at the center of your life: Maybe like me, you always wanted writing to be at the heart of your life. If you like to read me, as well as the authors I publish on Scribe, you will like to follow my existential concerns here.

Anyway, here we go!

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