Enjoy Your Weekend!

I can't wait for autumn to come.

Hi there!

I can't wait for autumn to come, I feel awfully well when the leaves of the trees cover the forest floor. This week, it was Sarah E. Sturgis who was in the spotlight on Scribe. I hope you enjoyed her stories and that it was a nice discovery for you! Here are some of her pieces, if you have ever run out of time to read in recent days.


Oklahoma Breeze


These are friend links, which means they give free access to the stories usually reserved for Medium members who pay a subscription fee of $5 per month. These links are valid for life, you can share them with your friends and family so that they can also discover the stories by bypassing the Medium paywall. It's a gift!

In the near future, it will depend on the number of new readers, my paying subscribers will have the opportunity to discover through these friend links more writers for whom I had a real crush.

For the coming week, I have chosen to highlight a poet I love very much, Giovanni Sonier. Why do I love this writer? Because he knows better than anyone how to draw inspiration from famous paintings to write beautiful poems. I'm sure you'll love it! Giovanni Sonier is to be discovered on Scribe's home page.

Last Wednesday, I published my first thread here, and I wanted to thank you for your participation! I had a lot of fun reading you and it's not finished yet since this thread remains open Ad Vitam æternam!

Perhaps I will repeat the experience, it could even be our Wednesday coffee break. I think this is a good way to discuss a topic or theme that is close to our hearts.

And then, I wrote these two haikus this week:


Always Remember

Finally, I invite you to read this article written by Emily Temple, which gathers some precious words from the late Toni Morrison, who passed away on August 5:

“You Don’t Know Anything.” And Other Writing Advice from Toni Morrison

Enjoy your weekend!

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