Which Story Has Touched You The Most Lately?

There are writers and stories that sometimes touch us more than others. We read, and suddenly emotion invades us. Yesterday, I was very touched by a story on Medium. It was written by D. E. Fulford and is entitled: It Hurts. I'll let you discover it. The emotion is that I seek before all other things when I read the stories I receive. And I think that's what readers expect when they read the Scribe publication. So today, I want to ask you: which story has touched you the most lately? It could be a story on Medium, or a book you read recently.

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A Table In Front of The Window

Welcome new subscribers!

Last Wednesday I asked you what would be your dream place to live your life as a writer. If you have not yet participated in the discussion, go ahead, the atmosphere is crazy! Thank you very much to those who shared their thoughts, I enjoyed reading from you and answering you. ♥︎

So I'm taking advantage of this peaceful weekend to tell you in a little more detail where I'd really like to spend most of my time if my only job was to write you this newsletter. Well, we're allowed to have crazy dreams, right?

The image I have chosen to illustrate the issue of this newsletter is not insignificant. A cabin surrounded by trees, a dense forest, a lake a few meters away... It would be one of my favorite places to write. I am thinking of a very well-known writer here in France, Sylvain Tesson. He wrote a fabulous essay that was then adapted for film: Dans les forêts de Sibérie. The writer spent 6 months alone on the shores of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, 500 km from Irkutsk.

The essay (and film) recount his incredible adventure in the wilderness, with only the wind in the trees, a bear's visit and the crackling lake as distractions. As Sylvain Tesson says so well: “Recette du bonheur : une fenêtre sur le Baïkal, une table devant la fenêtre”. Which translates into English means:  “Recipe for happiness: a window on the Baikal, a table in front of the window”.

My haikus often evoke nature, because it is nature that inspires me the most in my writing. For example, read these poems: Colours, Wild Dreams, and Whispering.

I wrote a lot when I lived in the south of France, only 50 meters from the ocean. At night, I could hear the waves rocking me at high tide. It was the first time I spent a whole winter by the ocean, meditating and writing. Seeing the beach covered with a fine blanket of snow gave me incredible sensations. And then there were sunsets and storms. Everything I was going through pushed me to write, over and over again.

I could move to Sweden too. I have a very fond memory of my stay near Stockholm some 15 years ago. I still see these small wooden huts of all colors by the waterfront. The dream place for every aspiring writer.

With winter approaching, some dark thoughts may come and go. Have you read Annie Shaw's story published this week on Scribe? How about addressing your torments directly? Write A Letter To The Darkness.

If you have browsed the pages of the publication this week, you may have seen their new design! I hope you like it! Take a look at the Poetry page.

Until next Friday, the writer and poet Abdullah I. Shawaf is in the spotlight in the new edition of the column. Go and discover his poems!

That's all for today! Thank you all for subscribing to this newsletter in ever-increasing numbers. It is very important to me to write to you here and your support proves to me that I must continue along this path.

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Wednesday!

What Would Be Your Dream Place to Write?

It's the big day. Finally, you are about to live the life you have always dreamed of. The one of the writer who lives from his writing. What place on Earth will you choose to settle down to write your stories? Tell me everything, and maybe I'll tell you about my dream place in response.

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What An Exiting Week!

Thanks to the new subscribers!

Dear readers,

I was so looking forward to writing to you! This week has been emotionally intense. Between Scribe, who is getting bigger every day, and my first participation in a radio show to talk about writing, I couldn't be happier!

I would like to warmly thank Sylvie Walter who kindly invited me to her show "Et si on parlait de..." on Radio Sud Besançon. It was an amazing conversation during which I had the chance to talk about my work as editor-in-chief on Medium. Sylvie, if you're reading me, thank you again for what you're doing, and thank you for thinking of me!

Last Wednesday, I asked you what you were looking for when you read. Thank you for participating! The discussion is always open, so if you want to write your thoughts you are welcome.

I think I will continue on this idea for our bi-weekly meeting: An open question on Wednesday and a more extensive newsletter on Saturday. And then sometimes, if I suddenly want to write to you, I wouldn't hesitate to do so!

This week, Jenny Justice is in the spotlight in Scribe's column. I invite you to go read her poems. Her stories will be on the spot until next Friday, as usual.

I would like to thank once again the new subscribers, it encourages me a lot to continue this newsletter. Thank you all for your support!

This weekend, between writing, reading, and editing, I may take a little trip through the forest to see if the first mushrooms have come out of the ground.

Have you tried picking mushrooms in the fall? It's the miracle cure to trigger the writing of your next stories!

Take care of yourself, and see you soon!

What Do You Look For When You Read?

As I wrote in Scribe’s guidelines, what I look for when I read stories is emotion. I like it when the writer succeeds in touching me with his words. I like to feel. I like to feel the thrill that runs through my body. I like to feel my throat knotting up. I like to feel the sensitivity and vulnerability through the writer's words. I like to feel like I'm escaping my world.

And you, what do you look for when you read?

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